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About us

About us

Who's behind Polybonk?

Darren Ziesing and Thomas David are the humble founders of the online digital experimental electronic music store, Polybonk.

We use binary code through telecommunication systems that enables the remote manipulation of light by the user to instantaneously deliver mathematically compressed wave vibrations in exchange for the metaphorical representation of human effort.

- Stalker

Polybonk’s Story

The concept was first conceived in 2002, combining the super-nerd programming and web design skills of Tom with Darren's borderline obsessive musical passion for all things experimental, unusual and down right weird. Work began in earnest on the project at the end of 2006.

From then, Darren worked hard at sourcing, preparing and mastering terabytes of music for delivery to the unsuspecting masses. Meanwhile, Tom furiously designed and developed the online system. Leading a similar introverted hermit like existence, Tom lived only on nourishment from the occasional curry and the unusual assortment of music growing within the Polybonk catalogue.

What Polybonk is About

A place where talented electronic artists can share there unique creations globally in a way that is unrestricted by the high cost of physical product manufacture and distribution. A place where new music scenes can be formed without financial "risk" being a restrictive factor dictating style, etc. Where those artists can make a viable living off their music. And where audiences can have unrestricted access to a wealth of such music.

What sets Polybonk apart from the rest of the online music scene, is our unique subscription service. By subscribing, you are instantly granted access to Polybonk's entire music collection. Imagine walking into a music store where you could spend hours listening to your favorite music AND take any or all of the albums home to keep. If you're not interested in subscription we give you the option to purchase and download single track’s or whole albums.